A Fresh Start to 2016……
As the new year is quickly upon us why not try to begin anew, kickstart your health and your wellbeing by trying to understand where your food comes from and why that is important. I did some minor searching to find some great info from the Michigan State University Extension discussing the benefits of buying locally grown food- some of the highlights include:

• FLAVOR- when grown locally the crops are picked at their peak ripeness which translates into flavor filled food versus being harvested early in order to be shipped and distributed to retail stores.
• SEASONALITY- although we all love to have strawberries in the middle of winter you can taste the difference when biting into some purchased locally in May and June- that is significant! We have no choice but what we can all strive to do is explore what other options might be available- expand your tastes- be adventurous and try incorporating something new on your plate.
• NUTRIENTS- shorter time between harvest and your table equals greater nutrient value.
• NO FARMER NO FOOD- by supporting your local farmers and growers you are investing in your community, helping to maintain farmland and protecting open or green space.
• SAFER FOOD SUPPLY- the more steps between you and your food’s source the more chances for contamination.
• TRANSPARENCY- you can ask the farmer about their practices- how they harvest, how they handle pest issues and anything else you are wondering about. There is something to be said about knowing the person who grows the food you feed your family. 

Well I hope I haven’t bored you to tears with my two cents. Resolutions can be fun so this year in addition to reading the newspaper and bringing my reusable bags everywhere I shop, I’ve added trying to eat local, seasonal food whenever I can. So if your kids are eating over let them be forewarned there may be something new to try if I can help it. See you at the Farmer’s Market!

Happy 2016- I look forward to continued good things for Two River Dairy and our community.